The Ambivalent Universe Vers. 2.0

After the volumes Quantum Mechanics (version 2.0) and Relativity (version 2.0), this is my third and last volume that completes my scientific theory. A work whose wonderful ambivalent properties are put in evidence by the two universal manifolds: linear and nonlinear, and by the two worlds: spatial and temporal. I also published what in this volume I called: repulsive energy in abundance. The reader will have the pleasure to see how and why it is generated the negative energy. Energy whose repulsive character pushing outwards comes to participate locally to the expansion of the universe. With the physical process of creation which in this forum I have also called quantum of all energy levels, we have seen that the coupling of time and space lasts one tic of the clock. Within one second the energy taken at the source (Planck’s distance) it is spent to lengthen the wavelengths to create all lengths of time and to thin out the vibratory filaments to create all the densities of space. At the end of the operation, the real adynamic magnetic undulated line long 299 million 752 thousands 458 metres stays in the spatial world to aggrandize the immense size of the universe, while the virtual adynamic magnetic undulated line of 299 million 752 thousands 458 vibratory filaments or cycles goes to the temporal world to lengthen its venerable age. In other words, the length of space just created belongs to the spatial world (the world of the wave), while the length of time just created belongs to the temporal world (the world of the part