Relativity Version 2.0

Relativity version 2.0 follows and it is complementary to my earlier volume Quantum Mechanics version 2.0 published a few months ago on this same forum. With the title Relativity version 2.0 I intended to present a broad outline of a relativity all new, all primeval, and all functional. A relativity that in describing nature in its pristine form got rid of all paradoxes, it does not have now to use any renormalization to match the theory with the experiment, and it no longer has to resort to the occult to explain its own successes.Well, seen that in nature it exists a family of electromagnetic radiations, locally as well as at cosmological distances. Seen also that Science and Scientists alike represent them with the electromagnetic spectrum, showing as it were the spatial continuity of their energy levels (one starts where the other one ends). I have the license and the privilege, in turn, to represent them with a cone-like figure (see figure on the cover’s 4th page) to put in evidence: (i) the nonlinear field (creative field) along which evolves the expansion of time (the lengthening of the wavelength) and the rarefaction of space (the superposition and cancellation of the oscillatory filaments called vibrations, oscillations, or undulations) and, (ii) the linear field (the radiative field of Maxwell) for telecommunication.Seen this way, electromagnetic radiations present an electromagnetic process caused by the finite and constant expansion of the universe. Process which comes to configure two distinct and separate manifolds. On the one hand we have (1) the creative field where we can see: (1a) the expansion in time and the extension in space, (1b) the outwards push along which the last adynamic magnetic undulated line with its free (optical) space length of 299 million 792 thousands 458 metres per second contributes to the expansion of the universe, and (1c) the gravitational field with the same direction, but orientation contrary to the expansion. On the other hand we have (2) the radiative field of Maxwell for telecommunication where we can see that: (2a) all the wavelenghts hence all the frequencies coexist in the same free (optical) space or if one prefers they coexist in whatever point-like of astronomical coordinates (the tip of a whip radio antenna or a television antenna will satisfy beyond the necessary even the layperson), and (2b) they are operative orthogonal to the first. Come to think of it, if the universe is expanding, as it appears to be, then only electromagnetic radiations in their nonlinear conformation can supply the necessary energy. Only electromagnetic radiations occupying the whole of free (optical) universal space can expand this balloon whose circumference is shown to be almost a straight line. It does not exist and nature does not offer any other type of energy so equally distributed that meets the requirements. Namely: â starting point the bowels of the universe (Planck’s distance) to circumscribe the whole, ã energy pushing outwards (negative) available locally on the entire universal surface to guarantee a uniform and constant expansion, ä magnetic charge to trigger the electromagnetic induction, å high energies for the lengthening of wavelengths (time) and the rarefaction of the vibratory filaments (space) along the physical process of creation, æ law energies to surface in the fully expanded dimension (our world) without causing any damage, ç adynamic magnetic undulated line, (i) to contribute to the expansion of the universe, and (ii) to complete the physical process in the macroworld.I have used my altogether new cone-like figure to arouse the curiosity of the readers which is indeed the driving force of scientific minded people.