Quantum Mechanics Version 2.0

I have entitled the book Quantum Mechanics Version 2.0 because I intended to present a broad outline of a QM all new and all functional. A QM that in describing nature in its pristine form: (i) it got rid of all paradoxes, (ii) it doesn’t have now to use any renormalizations to match the theory with the experiment, and (iii) it no longer has to resort to the occult to explain its own successes.I built my theory keeping well in mind that (I) in the world of the wave the oscillatory filaments move with certainty and regularity and they have never had a variation from the dawn of time to this day; and (II) in the atom’s world the electromagnetic vibrations (transition between the two levels of the basic state of the nucleus) maintain, and they have always maintained a precision which is beyond any human comprehension.As the reader will have a way of seeing, the contents of the book satisfy beyond all expectations the expressed intuition and the rhetorical question Sir Roger Penrose (the greatest living mathematician) has put in his books “The Emperor’s new Mind” when he says and I quote: in my judgement our image of physical reality, particularly in relation to the nature of “time”, it is ripe for a great overthrow, maybe even greater of the one owed to relativity and quantum mechanics togetherunquote; and “The Road to Reality” when he asks himself: it isn’t maybe needed a new point of view that up to now no one has ever had the courage or the fortune to foresee it?To think about it, electromagnetic radiations exist in nature and they have been ascertained by our astronomical observatories to exist in the whole of the universe. Well, if the universe is expanding as it appears to be, then only electromagnetic radiations in their nonlinear conformation can supply the necessary energy. Only electromagnetic radiations occupying the whole of free (optical) universal space can expand this balloon whose circumpherence seen along billions and billions of light-years it is shown to be almost a straight line. It does not exist and nature does not offer any other type of energy so equally distributed that meets the requirements.I shall now close with a brief mention. To thin out my work I postponed some arguments to my next book to be published within a month or so on this same sito with the title Relativity “Version. 2.0″.