Quantum Mechanics: Version 2.0

Quantum Mechanics Verione 2.0

I have entitled the book Quantum Mechanics Version 2.0 because I intended to present a broad outline of a QM all new and all functional. A QM that in describing nature in its pristine form: (i) it got rid of all paradoxes, (ii) it doesn’t have now to use any renormalizations to match the theory with the experiment, and (iii) it no longer has to resort to the occult to explain its own successes.
I built my theory keeping well in mind that (I) in the world of the wave the oscillatory filaments move with certainty and regularity and they have never had a variation from the dawn of time to this day; and (II) in the atom’s world the electromagnetic vibrations (transition between the two levels of the basic state of the nucleus) maintain, and they have always maintained a precision which is beyond any human comprehension.