Domenico Idato

A few words

Welcome to my personal Blog where I guess you have come to browse into our common interests on science. Although one of the scientific key words I have used has brought you here, you shall find two other fields which may or may not entertain you. As far as science is concerned, that’s exactly what you’ll find here: numbers, hard facts, and common sense. There is no room in this website for cosmological speculations, entire galaxies running at half the speed of light, life beyond some unknown thick wall, or a variety of universes to please the master of ceremonies of the day. If that’s what you’re after, you should move on with all my blessing never to return.

A brief presentation

I am a theoretical physicist by choice, I am Italian. I started my working life as a Radio Officer on transatlantic liners. My last voyage was a cruise in 1964 from Australian waters to Japan for the olympic games. In that same year I resigned as 1o radio officer to face the unknown. I did, as a matter of fact, face the unknown becoming in the process electronic engineer, consular interpreter, university lecturer, scientific author, lexicographer, novelist, and poet in the spare time.

My labour of love

What I may call here My labour of love is of course my main work to which I have given the title: The physical creation of Time and Space. Although my nine years at sea on passengers ships as well as my first twenty years of married life have taken their tall, I have been nibbling, so to speak, at the scientific concept of physical creation of the two most important parameters of physical science throughout my entire life. In point of fact, the first hint that time was made bit by bit on a gradation scaling came to me in 1955 when I was a young man and when Einstein was very fast approaching the end of his life. On parallel lines of thought, I shall mention here that what I consider to be the pick of the basket of all my short scientific works it has to be the essay: On the bending of light rays . I was naive enough to send in 1995 this little treasure to the noble prize committee. I can see now that the issue can only be resolved, with very little work and much world recognition, by a free from bias volunteer astronomer. I think I should mention here another major work of mine. This is the Italian dictionary which is listed here under lexicography. The job took me three and half years working daily almost non-stop for very long hours. I was pleased with the job and, if you’re Italian and use it, you’ll be pleased too realizing how much it is improving your Italian writing and, given enough time, your spoken Italian as well. As for me, I am an electronic engineer enjoying retirement; and I am a theoretical physicist who will never retire. When I am home I read on a regular basis, while in the outside world I feel and register the vibes. I enjoy my own company because I like to think, and occasionally I put in writing what presses on the mind. All of this makes me feel very, very much alive.