Domenico Antonino Idato ‘Personal Blog’

Welcome is the visitor to wander free

and looking agape he’ll see the world anew

a living and pulsating world he’ll see

hyperbolic and not round it really grew.

Tu peregrin che cerchi con la mente

con me tu guardi e vedi il nuovo mondo

un mondo tu vedrai tutto vivente

iperbolico sempre e mai rotondo.


I would here like to remind my readers that the human race has shown through the ages to be capable of original and creative thoughts; to behold the love for truth, the enthusiasm for private enterprise and the genius for discovery. It is the heritage of this originality and creativity that, in the final analysis, drove me to put in writing my thoughts. I am well aware, of course, that anything new fighting to acquire status will be treated as an interloper within the conservative styles of life which are often powerful and occasionally openly hostile as well. I have neither the strength nor the will to challenge this modus operandi. I can only offer my work whose significance shouldn’t take too much time to be absorbed, fused into one, and finally… accepted.


Voglio qui rammentare ai miei lettori che la razza umana ha dimostrato attraverso i secoli d’esser capace di pensieri originali e creativi; di possedere l’amore per la verità, l’entusiasmo per l’iniziativa e il genio per la scoperta. È il retaggio di questa originalità e creatività che, in ultima analisi, mi ha spinto a scrivere. Naturalmente, sono cosciente che qualunque cosa nuova che lotta per acquistare rango sarà trattata come un’intrusa tra le maniere conservative di vita le quali sono spesso potenti e qualche volta apertamente ostili. Non ho né la forza né la volontà di cambiare questo modus operandi. Posso soltanto offrire la mia opera il cui significato non dovrebbe richiedere molto tempo per essere assimilato, fuso in uno, e quindi… accettato.

  • Relativity Version 2.0
    Relativity version 2.0 follows and it is complementary to my earlier volume Quantum Mechanics version 2.0 published a few months ago on this same forum. With the title Relativity version 2.0 I intended to present a broad outline of a relativity all new, all primeval, and all functional. A relativity that in describing nature in its pristine form got rid of all paradoxes, it does not have now to use any renormalization to match the theory with the experiment, and it no longer has to resort to the occult to explain its own successes.Well, seen that in nature it exists a family of electromagnetic radiations, locally as well as at cosmological distances. Seen also that Science and Scientists alike represent them with the electromagnetic spectrum, showing as it were the spatial continuity of their energy levels (one starts where the other one ends).
  • Quantum Mechanics Verione 2.0
    I have entitled the book Quantum Mechanics Version 2.0 because I intended to present a broad outline of a QM all new and all functional. A QM that in describing nature in its pristine form: (i) it got rid of all paradoxes, (ii) it doesn’t have now to use any renormalizations to match the theory with the experiment, and (iii) it no longer has to resort to the occult to explain its own successes.I built my theory keeping well in mind that (I) in the world of the wave the oscillatory filaments move with certainty and regularity and they have never had a variation from the dawn of time to this day; and (II) in the atom’s world the electromagnetic vibrations (transition between the two levels of the basic state of the nucleus) maintain, and they have always maintained a precision which is beyond any human comprehension.